SaaS Journey begins with Self-Management

M.E.T.A.L International is a brotherhood of diverse media, entertainment, technology, artists, and leaders with a passion for personal growth, intellectual challenge and social transformation. This eclectic group produces rich content which required an easy-to-use cloud-based solution enabling members to find and watch the comprehensive M.E.T.A.L content library.

Deploying a new service for M.E.T.A.L International members to access a large library of archived content, Visaic implemented a suite of tools that enable quick and effective uploading of both short and long form content with associated rich metadata.

The M.E.T.A.L service includes the use of our modular Content Management System (CMS) to enable management of users, user roles, video assets, metadata, search filters and tags. The interface matches M.E.T.A.L International branding and the M.E.T.A.L team utilizes Visaic’s intuitive web-based tools to upload videos, enter metadata, modify content, modify the look and feel of the responsively designed UI, and also track valuable analytics. It is a "self-serve" product that puts the power of video publishing directly into the hands of the content owner.

Our approach with M.E.T.A.L was to launch a product and make incremental progress based on member feedback. This method not only shapes the direction and evolution of the customer journey, but also delivers a more meaningful product as it is field-tested, and adjustments are made along the way resulting in a purpose-built solution.


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