AFI.TV OTT Platform helps drive growth of American football across Europe

American Football International (AFI) is a website dedicated to promoting American football as a global sport with a global community. Their recently launched AFI.TV site is a single source destination delivering live and VOD football games from the top ten leagues across Europe .

Why it matters: American football is a popular sport in the US with audiences typically exceeding 15 million viewers for a regular season game and nearly 100 million viewers during the last Superbowl. American football has been gaining popularity outside the US with a solid fan base of around 400 million (second only to basketball).

  • Launched in 2014, AFI has steadily been catering to the American football fans outside the US with the sole objective of evangelizing and bringing together the global American football fan base around the world.

  • AFI's goals include establishing American football as a truly international sport through unbiased and fact-based sports reporting and serve as a database, directory, and repository for the global American football athlete, coach, and fan.

  • AFI’s vision is to be the single source destination for news, information, and data on American style football (outside of the NFL) around the world.

AFI.TV is the video distribution service launched by AFI to augment and enhance their news coverage. It aggregates a variety of European based leagues using a multi-tenant platform built on Visaic’s native cloud solution. The service enables all of the international American football leagues to stream their content directly to global viewers in a fan-friendly interface that helps promote the games across all leagues.

Details: Visaic’s multi-tenant platform solution provides a wide range of valuable features and benefits for content owners who are building a sporting destination for their brand.

  1. Scalability: The architecture scales intrinsically as demand and usage grows leveraging cloud infrastructures to support demand.

  2. Maintenance: Multi-tenant architecture allows for easy upgrades and reduces product maintenance.

  3. Customization: Each league or tenant within the platform functions as its own entity and can be customized to promote unique Sponsor(s), unique branding requirements, etc… and drive engagement with fans accordingly.

  4. Brand Domain Consistency: Multi-tenancy allows for aggregation of multiple leagues with a single domain (i.e, while also allowing for a unique destination as a subdomain e.g

  5. Agility: Visaic’s multi-tenant solution allows quick-to-market addition of new leagues and teams. On-boarding is managed through an intuitive web interface and can be quickly completed by non-technical staff – saving both time and money.

  6. Cost: Multi-tenant platforms lower development and operational costs and provide economies of scale for web, database and video storage.

AFI.TV has currently on-boarded eleven international football leagues with each hosting a number of teams:

  • Finland - Maple League (7 teams)

  • Denmark - National League (5 teams)

  • Sweden - Super Series (4 teams)

  • Hungary – Hungarian Football League (4 teams)

  • Switzerland - Nationalliga A (7 teams)

  • Austria - Austrian Football League (6 teams)

  • Poland - Polish Football League (7 teams)

  • Spain – Liga Nacional Football Americano Serie (8 teams)

  • Italy – 1e Divisione (7 teams)

  • Germany - German Football League (14 teams)

  • Central European League (7 Teams)

AFI.TV’s multi-tenant model has enabled a roster of 76 football teams to distribute their content live and on demand through an intuitive OTT platform. Collectively, the service will deliver over 155 regular season games plus playoffs and championship games for the 2021 seasons. The backend architecture is set up to facilitate easy onboarding of new leagues complete with their own subdomain and features such as video analytics and monetization through ads or sponsorship.

AFI.TV supports adaptive bitrate live streaming and can accept RTMP feeds or, if an RTMP feed is unavailable, the platform can embed a live third-party syndicated video feed. Once the live event stream ends, AFI.TV platform publishes the event through a “Live to VOD pipeline” that supports trimming, thumbnail generation, and animation generation.