AEW “Double or Nothing” live streamed to Cinemark Theaters

AEW returned to 35 drive-in Cinemark theaters at full capacity once again on the 30th of May after a successful screening of the Revolution event on March 7,2021 to screen “Double or Nothing” to the delight of all wrestling fans.

Why it matters : As the covid rules slowly ease out across the US , Visaic’s proprietary native cloud solution enables multiple opportunities on this new exciting theatrical landscape.

  • AEW offers its fans a heightened social and communal experience. This lateral masterstroke gives AEW a good edge against its competition.

  • Theaters expand their ticketing opportunities. At $20-25 per ticket allowing theaters to monetize on unused screen schedules while expanding their audience footprint.

  • Network of theaters and drive-ins transformed into live venues. 35 Cinemark theaters across the US ran at full capacity serving thousands happy fans.

  • HD quality at 60FPS provides Improved engagement and satisfaction for Fans.

Big Picture: Watching Live Sporting events has always remained a very social experience. Watching your favorite live event with like minded super fans is a recurring theme at sports bars and restaurants. Why not theaters? It only seems natural to extrapolate the sports bar experience to a bigger screen with a bigger crowd.

The overwhelming response from the fans has once again validated the need for live streaming in theaters and Visiac with its native cloud platform has made this a reality. This project was executed in close collaboration with our partner MetaMedia who operates a global, cloud-based content distribution network for theatres.

Context :This turnkey solution addresses the complexity of delivering live video by taking charge of the process right from video signal acquisition through transcoding with H.264 and distributing the encoded video files to Visiac enabled hardware through CDN (Content distribution network) nodes before finally delivering the decoded content to the screens. The Visiac solution also leverages the Video NOC to monitor quality of experience (QoE) for the live stream.